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Terms and conditions for using Elitedaters
When you order a service from Elitedaters, you accept all present Agreement terms and conditions.

User agreement
The present Agreement comprises your agreement with Elitedaters and applies to your use of the Service. In order to remain an entitled user of the Service, you must accept to comply with all the terms and conditions contained in the present Agreement. The words We and Us in the present Agreement are understood to mean Elitedaters or any of eliteMedia's successors or claimants.

User rights
Every created or amended profile is an application that is evaluated according to content and lifestyle based requirements for final admission. Rejection is communicated to the applicant by e-mail, which is sent to the latest e-mail address provided. Reasons for the rejection will not be given.

Your right to use the Service is respectful of any limitations, terms and restrictions that we may from time to time need to impose. We can at any time change, interrupt or stop any aspect of the Service, including access to any database, any element or content in the Service. We can also without warning and responsibility place restrictions on certain of the Service's elements and aspects, or limit your access to parts or all of the Service. If dismissed from the Service due to documented violation of the Agreement, any services purchased will not be refunded.

Legal age
You declare and guarantee that you are at least 18 years of age and that your marital status is single.

You accept to use the Service in accordance with the following set of rules:

a. That you alone are (data) responsible for every piece of information you provide on the Service. Information you add to your personal profile must always be truthful and must be able to be documented if necessary. Should the Service suspect or document false information in a profile, it will result in dismissal from the site.

a. You will treat all information communicated while using the Service as private and confidential, and you will not pass on such information to others without the prior permission from the person who has given it to you;
b. You will not use the Service to participate in any form of harassment or offensive behaviour, including for example sending messages, pictures or graphics that contain slanderous remarks or abusive language, racist, political, pornographic, obscene expressions or images;
c. All introductory contact methods must be conducted seriously and with respect for the recipient. You will not send chain mail or systematically constructed messages containing identical messages (Flooding) through the Service;
d. You will not use the Service to infringe on any person's right to a private life, property rights or other rights;
e. You will not use the Service to distribute, further or in any other way publish any material that contains request for money, advertising or request for products or services;
f. You will not use the Service to recruit members to third party organisations, associations, companies or voluntary confederations;
g You will not use the Service to distribute or upload any viruses or Trojan horses, or do anything else that can in any way damage the Service, Elitedaters systems or other members systems;
h. You will not directly or indirectly send out or encourage the receipt of contact information, hereunder e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, postal addresses, Internet addresses or full names through your own published details. You will not in the public profile text provide details of holidays, your profile status or membership type;
j. You will not directly or indirectly solicit contact on the basis of adultery, sex or describe your sexual preferences in unsolicited messages, or in the publically presented interests description; You meet all content requirements set by the editorial team in connection with creating your profile.

Abuse and exclusion
Lack of compliance with the above rules may lead to exclusion from the Service. Depending on the nature of the abuse, the user will receive a warning prior to exclusion. In more serious cases, the user will be notified at the next attempt to create a new profile. In very serious cases of abuse and for repeated violation of the Agreement's rules, the user's IP address will be blocked, which will prevent the user from accessing the Service.

Personal details
It is necessary to gather, treat and forward certain personal details so that members can gain in-depth knowledge of one another through the Service. When registering you will therefore be asked to fill in a personal details form containing relevant personal details.

The obligatory information gathered by the Service comprises information about the member's gender, e-mail address (not published), date of birth (hidden), sexual orientation, height, weight, smoking habits, number of children, education, job, geographic region and personal interests. Voluntary information includes lifestyle related subjects, such as information about political orientation, sports activity, choice of literature, entertainment, dietary habits and clothes.

The above-mentioned information is of major relevance and gives our members the opportunity to search among more detailed profiles. You can close your profile on the Service at any time. Your personal details will be deleted permanently.

By accepting the terms of the Agreement you agree to your details being registered and handled by the Service for use in the Service's database, and for public details to be forwarded to other users. The information form will indicate which information can be forwarded to other members.

Your public information is accessible to all the Service's search tools, extracts in the Service's match and segmentation systems, lists, e-mail notifications and newsletters for registered members of the Service.

Your e-mail address will only to a limited extent be used in connection with sending out news and offers related to the Service. We also send a status-message to passive members, so that we can minimise the number of old and inactive profiles to the benefit of active users. Such messages are sent out four times a year. It must be stressed that e-mail addresses are not forwarded to third parties, just as personal details are not forwarded for marketing purposes.

Respect for private life
By using the service you accept our declaration about the respect for people's private life.
You recognise that (a) we cannot guarantee security or protection of the respect for someone's private life's as far as the information you provide through the Internet and your e-mail messages are concerned, and you release us from any responsibility related to third parties' use of such information; (b) we are not responsible for and cannot control others' use of information you give them, and you should be careful when choosing what personal information you give to others through the Service; and (c) we cannot accept responsibility for the content of messages sent by other users of the Service, and you release us from any form of responsibility connected to the content of messages that you receive from other users. We cannot guarantee and accept no responsibility for verification of the accuracy of the information given by other users of the Service.
You must not use the Service for illegal purposes. We can decline to give you an ID or profile name that represents another person, is protected by a trademark or property law that we judge to be vulgar or in any other way offensive.

Your membership is private and should not be used by anyone else. You are responsible for all use of or activity on the Service from users that use your password, including, for example, third party use of your password.

Buying a subscription
A subscription gives you full access to all services provided on the Elitedaters?website. You pay the amount in advance and renew your payment when your subscription period runs out or until such time that you decide to terminate your subscription.

You can unsubscribe and terminate your membership at any time by going to the link Payment Terminal 24 hours before the next payment period begins.

Right of cancellation
You can cancel your subscription within 14 days, provided that you have not used the product 14 days after purchasing it. You can contact customer services at confirming that you wish to cancel your purchase.

You accept to keep us, our senior management, Board, employees and representatives indemnified for losses or damage, including reasonable lawyer's fees, which may arise as a result of your activities on or during the use of the Service, including, for example, any violation of the present Agreement, or any claims or complaints against you from a third party. You must co-operate as fully as is reasonably required on any dispute of a claim. We reserve the right to defend and manage any case where you are subject to indemnification, although under the understanding that you are liable for damages for each claim.

Elitedaters' logo and the Elitedaters logotype are registered trademarks and belong to eliteMedia ApS. The content of the Service, such as trademarks, logos, texts, Images, graphics, design and sound files belong to eliteMedia ApS and is protected by the trademark and copyright law. Reproduction, copy or redistribution of material or design elements of the Service is strictly forbidden without the written permission from eliteMedia ApS. Obtaining permission should be done via e-mail request to: info(at)

The Service is distributed as seen. We cannot guarantee that this Service will not be interrupted or without faults. Delays, failure, service complications and interruptions to the availability of the Service may occur. Where the law allows it, you accept that the Service is delivered without guarantees of any sort, expressly or implicitly, including, for example, the implicit guarantees for good commercial quality and suitability for a specific purpose. You accept that use of the Service is done at your own risk.
Parties specifically agree that fulfilment of all aspects of the present agreement does not take place outside the area of Copenhagen's jurisdiction, Denmark.

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