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About Elitedaters
Defined by Content
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Elitedaters is a dating forum for dedicated and ambitious singles who want to meet like-minded people aged between 18 and 75. The minimum requirement for registering on Elitedaters is that you have a higher educational qualification or are currently attending university or a college of higher education. There are also particular requirements relating to the content of your profile in terms of what is written about you and any pictures you wish to upload. This content will be subject to review by the editing team.
Is Elitedaters for you?
You can see if Elitedaters is for you by setting up a free so-called ?QuickLook? profile. You can use your e-mail address and password to log in any time and view all the profiles on the site. If you wish to contact someone, you have to set up your own profile using a visible user name. You can do this by clicking on ?Set up a profile? when you are logged in.
Two days' free membership
Once you have set up your profile, you have applied for membership of Elitedaters. Your membership is then subject to approval by the editing team. An estimated 50 percent of applicants are admitted as members of Elitedaters. If your profile meets the requirements in terms of education and content, you will automatically receive two days? free membership and you can freely communicate with the members of the forum.
Elitedaters is Danish owned and is operated by Elitemedia ApS, SOHO HOUSE DK, 1711.
Press contact:
Tel. + 45 70 70 14 17 (Office hours: 8 am - 5 pm)
We are here for you. You know what you are looking for. You know what you expect of yourself and others. You want more from a dating site than vacuous profiles, cliché-loaded pick-up lines and blurry pictures.
This does not mean that we are a closed shop for ?the bold and the beautiful?. It just means that we will provide the best opportunities for you to find just the person you are looking for - without you taking too many wrong turns.

How do we do it?
By specifying requirements to ensure that the people you meet at Elitedaters have your level of education and that their profiles are well written and contain meaningful and original content. We also ensure that all pictures on the site show what people actually look like.

We do not care whether people have got flapping ears, horns coming out of their heads or wooden legs. The only thing that matters is that they present an accurate picture of themselves so that you get a good idea of who they are. You will then have enough information on which to make your choice before you go on your first date.
This is what we mean when we say that we are defined by content.

In fact, content is what the whole website is all about. That is why we have no flashing icons and no ?Like?, ?Smile? or ?Kiss? buttons. We have cut out anything redundant and superfluous so that you can focus on what matters most: Finding the love you are looking for.


Period Price per month Price incl. fee
30-day continuous 229,00 DKK 229,00 DKK
90-day continuous   Most popular 159,00 DKK 477,00 DKK
180-day continuous 139,00 DKK 834,00 DKK
360-day continuous   Best buy 99,00 DKK 1.188,00 DKK

Buying a subscription
A subscription gives you full access to all services provided on Elitedaters. The amount is paid in advance and will be renewed when your subscription period runs out, until you decide to terminate your subscription.

You can unsubscribe and terminate your membership at any time by following the link 'Payment Terminal' 24 hours before the next payment period begins.

Right of cancellation
You can cancel a new subscription within 14 days, provided that you have not used the product 14 days after purchasing it. You can contact customer services at confirming that you wish to cancel your purchase.

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